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April 2015 featured player: Dan Fish



Dan Fish


Real age:




Grindr age:


Not on Grindr, but I always try and get away with being 27 in life


Home town:




When did you join VMFC:


July 2014


Former clubs, if any:


Cheadle Hulme FC (many moons ago)


Greatest Village moment:


While I’d love to say my first VMFC goal, it hasn’t happened yet in real life! So I’d have to say victory and subsequent party in Nottingham in GFSN Quarter Finals. 


What club do you support:


Manchester City


Favourite Village bar:




What do you do for a living:


Company Director at a Telecoms firm.


Do you participate in any other sports:


Cricket is my summer sport, and also taking part in runs, triathlons, obstacle races, etc raising a bit of money for charity. 


What else do you do to relax:


Don’t have too much time in between all my sporting activities, but love my holidays. Try and get away 3 or 4 times a year. Also a bit of a sci-fi geek. Love Dr Who, The Flash and Arrow.  (and obviously spending time with my better half)


Current favourite song:


Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goluding (That voice) 


Current favourite TV show:


The Flash


All time favourite film:


Back to the Future 


Relationship status:




Favourite footballer (for football reasons):


Sergio Aguero (that goal in 2012)


Favourite footballer (not for football reasons):


Christiano Ronaldo (as much as I hate myself for saying it. Just look at him!!)


Preferred position (on the pitch!):


Left Back


Describe your playing style:


I’m a trier and God loves a trier. 


Premiership player your style most matches:


Per Mertesacker (purely for his lightening pace!)


What made you want to try VMFC out for the first time:


I hadn’t played 11 a side football for about 15 years, but I was enjoying weekly 5-a-side so much that I wanted to join a team. I love playing team sport and didn’t want to hide my sexuality within the team environment and changing rooms, etc. VMFC seemed like the perfect fit for me, local and accepting. As soon as I went down to the first training session, I knew I’d made the right choice, and after my first VMFC social I was absolutely convinced! 


Why should new players join VMFC: 


I would have to say that joining VMFC was one of the best things I have decided to do in a long long time. Not only do they make you feel extremely welcome no matter what your level of football skills are, I have also made so many new friends. Of course, playing on a Gay team means that there is also a lot of socialising. No matter what happens on the pitch, we love a good party. If anyone is thiking about joining. Stop thinking and just do it, you wont regret it. 



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