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Match report:

Ashton West End v VMFC2

Sunday 14 December 2014


Village Manchester suffered a harsh 9-3 defeat on 14 December as they went down to Ashton West End at Wright Robinson.


A number of injuries and absentees saw Fish drafted into goal at the last minute with midfielder Cole moved back to left back to join McPherson, Orrock and West in defence. Johnson and Fairbrother were on the wings with Kidd – playing his last game before shoulder surgery – joining Golds in central midfield. Cookson assisted Nelson up front. Bracken and Bridges were on the bench.


Village's three goals came from three different players. Cookson got his first of the season as his fierce strike from the right flashed past the keeper at his near post. Nelson's goal wasn't too dissimilar in the way he struck the ball - however his attempt was from the left and across the goalkeeper into the far side of the goal. Golds got Village's third as he confidently smashed a penalty home not long after the half time break after Fairbrother had been fouled.


The three goals were high points in a tough game for Village. After going two down, Cookson's goal gave Village a bit of hope and despite Ashton getting a third Nelson's finish chipped away at their lead. However, a strong second half from the opposition blew Village away and Golds' penalty was the only thing they had to show for an extremely tough second period.


Village had Fish to thank as he used his cricketing handling skills to keep the score down and produce some smart saves.


Final score: Ashton West End 9-3 Village Manchester



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