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New players

  • Weekly training

  • Saturday & Sunday leagues

  • Local & national cups

  • National tournaments

  • International tours

  • Great social scene!

  • Gay - Bi - Trans - Straight

Love football?

Give us a go!

Village Manchester FC is a gay and inclusive club that welcomes anyone who loves football. We have gay, bi, trans and straight players - all are welcome! We've been going for over 26 years, making us one of the oldest inclusive football clubs in the world. 


Our First, Second and Third Teams play in a local league on Saturday afternoons and the Fourth and Fifth Teams play in a local league on Sunday mornings. Our Sixth Teams plays in the national GFSN league and in local friendlies, both external and intra-club. We play against gay and straight teams, take part in national tournaments and organise an overseas trip most years. 

We’d like to welcome you to our community – whatever your sexuality – and we're sure that you’ll enjoy your time playing football, socialising and making new friends at the club. We know you’ll find VMFC to be a well-run, friendly set-up and hope that you decide to join us regularly and become a part of our footballing family. 


Village Manchester Football Club was formed in February 1996 to give gay and bi guys the chance to play and support the sport they love in a safe, welcoming environment. Since then we’ve grown massively, and now have six teams giving players of all abilities the chance to play football. These days, we’re delighted to welcome many straight allies whilst remaining Manchester’s gay-friendly football club.

We call ourselves ‘inclusive’ – we welcome everyone from within the LGBTQ+ community and those who want to support. We have players of all ages and races, and from all over the world. 

Our ethos is simple – everyone is welcome, discrimination is not.

We don’t care who you love, as long as you love football!

How good do you have to be? 

Some of our players are really good and it's because of this that VMFC have won the inclusive European championship and got to the inclusive world championship final, and why we've won the annual Gay Football Supporters' Network Cup more times than any other club. Some of our players are average. Some are not great players at all, but just love football. However good or bad you think you are, you can be a part of this club. 

Do you have to identify as LGBTQ+?

No. Straight allies attracted by the club's ethos are absolutely welcome - indeed much of our huge growth in the last couple of years has been the increasing number of straight players who like our club philosophy, think we are well run, and want to play for a club where inclusivity and football go hand in hand. 

As a gay and inclusive club we prioritise the LGBTQ+ community. 

How much does it cost? 

Your first two training sessions or matches with the club are FREE so you have nothing to lose trying us out!


After that there's a membership fee of £30 or £20 per month depending on whether you are in full time employment, or you can pay per match/session.


This helps us to pay for pitch hire, referee fees, coaching, league affiliations, insurance, travel, kit and other essential running costs. 


Since lockdown ended, we've experienced an unprecedented increase in numbers, which means we can't always accommodate new players. However, as an inclusive club that understands the wonderful effect team sport can have on the individual, we want you to be a part of VMFC. 

Our weekly training sessions take place at Trinity Sports Centre on floodlit top quality 3G pitches close to the University and MMU on the edge of Hulme. Training always starts with a warm up, stretch and some fitness circuits before moving on to ball drills and finishing with a game. We recommend wearing astroturf boots or moulded boots. Shin guards are compulsory for matches but not for training, but may be advised if you like a tackle! Wear any sports/training gear. 


Directions to Trinity

Trinity Sports Centre

Cambridge Street (pedestrians)

Boundary Lane (car park)


M15 6HP

Training sessions during the season:

8.30pm Tuesday: Firsts and Seconds by arrangement only

7pm Wednesday: Thirds and Fourths by arrangement only

8.30pm Wednesday: Fifths and Sixths and new players

NOTE: to manage numbers, everyone has to register to train each week. Use the form below and we'll send you details.

Covid: all restrictions have been lifted, but Covid hasn't gone away. Please exercise caution!


Currently, the Government has lifted all legal restrictions. It’s up to each player to make their own choices as to sensible precautions.


Club rules: you must continue to isolate if you or a close contact have symptoms or test positive. If you are told by Test & Trace or the Covid app to isolate, you must stay away from football, even if not legally required to isolate.


We do, of course, follow all current Government and FA guidance.

What should you do next?

  1. Use the contact form below to get in touch. Please answer all the questions.

  2. As a gay and inclusive club, we prioritise the LGBTQ community. If you are willing to, please tell us if you identify as LGBTQIA+ in order to help us serve our community.

  3. We'll then send you further information about the club now, and further information about how to get involved when places are available. 

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Join us

How did you hear about the club?
As an inclusive club, if we are short of space we have to prioritise people who identify as LGBTQIA+, so it helps us if you are willing to answer the following question. It also helps us to analyse the make up of the club. Please answer this question if you are happy to do so. Your response is confidential and your answer will not be used for any other reason.
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