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July 2015 featured player: James Toland



James Toland


Real age:




Grindr age:


What's Grindr?


Home town:




When did you join VMFC:


Summer 2009.


Former clubs, if any:


None. Just VMFC for me!


Greatest Village moment:


Greatest Village moment: On the field it is without doubt winning the Division 2 EuroGames title in Budapest in 2012. The final was played in 40C heat and we beat a joint Italian – French side 1-0 and I saved a penalty in the last few minutes. Off the field being elected to be VMFC Chair in summer 2015.


What club do you support:


Manchester United.


Favourite Village bar:


As ashamed as I am of it, Thompsons. Cheap drinks, cheesy music and where my mates are usually to be found on the weekend post midnight.


What do you do for a living:


Costs lawyer.


Do you participate in any other sports:




What else do you do to relax:


Cycle, read, go to the gym. Plany my next holiday!


[Editor's note: James has more holidays than Judith Chalmers!]


Current favourite song:


RuPaul - Glamazon.


Current favourite TV show:


RuPaul's Drag Race. You get the link to the above favourite song now. 


All time favourite film:




Relationship status:


Very happily coupled.


Favourite footballer (for football reasons):


Peter Schmeichel. Legendary goalkeeper.


Favourite footballer (not for football reasons):


Eden Hazard.


Preferred position (on the pitch!):




Describe your playing style:


Prone to making great saves, and prone to making horrendous errors. Ensures that, in a one on one situation, the ball might end up in the back of the net but the player will end up on the floor. 


Premiership player your style most matches:


None really. 


What made you want to try VMFC out for the first time:


I had just moved to Manchester and it was an excellend way to make a whole bunch of new friends quickly and play football. 


Why should new players join VMFC: 


It really is a fantastic club. You will meet new friends and have a brilliant time. If you just want to play football then we have training during the week and matches at the weekend, and we also travel the country playing in a national tournament during the season. In the summer we invariably travel to an international tournament too. On the social side we regularly have club events, but outside of that you will always be able to find someone to grab a pint (or five) with! What more could you want?!

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