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Player of the month 2013/2014

James Hardern

April/May 2014: First team

Manager Jason has awarded player of the month to James (left, being congratulated by club chairman John Bridges). Jason said "James has not only performed well in May, but has been asked to play in numerous positions to cover for absent players. He's approached this with a positive attitude and has excelled himself in each game. Add to that, he's popped up with a couple of excellent and crucial goals which enabled the team to finish the season well after a very difficult few months."

Jeremy Baker

April/May 2014: Second team

As a stalwart of both teams, with an equal top number of appearances this season, manager Matt has awarded the second team player of the month to Jeremy (right). Perhaps his cheeky header goal against New East Manchester in the MCCL League Cup, despite being the goalie, had something to do with the award!

Sam Connell gets his hat-trick

March 2014: First team

He's already won player of the month for both the first and second teams this season. Due to his consistently high standard of play and his overall commitment to the club, first team manager Jason has once again awarded player of the month to Samuel Connell: "His hat-trick in March's final match, against Vida in the Cup quarter final, rounded up a solid month of performances. He also led the team well in Jay's absence in March and has taken responsibility for taking training each week because of my work commitments so he's been a great help too in that area." 

Joey Aleixo

March 2014: Second team

Manager Matt Hall has made his decision: "March has seen some excellent performances from Alex Kirkham who it has been a pleasure to welcome back and it has also seen a return to goalscoring form for Steven Holmes. My player of the month for March however is Joey. After getting over the initial shock of the facts that a football pitch is not a library and that the object of the game is to actually win, American Joey has now fully adapted to the English game and regularly tries to injure Sam in training and has been lucky to not get booked in both our matches this month. His own goal was just the icing on the cake. Congratulations Joey Bad a$$!"

Sam Connell. Again!

February 2014: Second team

February saw limited matches for VMFC thanks to the weather and no first team player of the month is awarded. Second team manager Matt Hall has awarded his Player of the Month to Sam Connell. "Sam's readiness to play for the club in any position, in any match has been a massive part of the club getting to not one, but two finals. Against Audenshaw he was a revelation alongside Jez at the back and he dominated the crucial battle for the centre against the Hotscots."

Jay McNaught

January 2014: First team

Manager Jason McAuley: Having had last season cut short through a serious knee injury, Jay has returned to the squad this season and whilst still not 100% back to peak fitness, has shown a desire and hunger to play as often as possible and get back to the fitness levels and form he was in towards the end of last season. His attitude has been tremendous and despite some tough matches and poor results, has led the team through a very difficult period superbly. Jay will receive a box of his beloved Pepsi Max cans to keep him going when dealing with the trauma of Saturday morning hangovers throughout February.

Jordan Langford

January 2014: Second team

Manager Matt Hall: My player of the month for January is Jordan Langford. In addition to his usual goals and creative contribution, Jordan has shown a real team ethic in giving 100% against SG Manchester when injured after a tough game for the first team in the morning and producing a good display in unfamiliar position against Real Mancs. We all know what to expect from him as an individual and it's therefore great to see him trying to develop the team based part of his game too. I hope he continues to do so on and off the pitch.


Sam Connell

November 2013: First team

Manager Jason McAuley: In games and in training Sam has grafted and worked his socks off to try and help the team perform. I only wish he used less energy having endless debates with the referee but that particular challenge is ‘work in progress’. Sam has decided to opt out of receiving a drink of his choice, instead opting for 3 for £10 Tesco pork loin steaks. Well done Sam.

Alex Feis-Bryce

November 2013: Second team

Manager Matt's player of the month for November is Alex Feis-Bryce. With a brace of goals (or should that be Bryce!) he has capped off a series of fine midfield performances where his composure and eye for a through ball have been instrumental in close fought victories against EYN and in arguably their league performance of the season, against Stockport two weeks ago. Bottle of gin on the way to Mr Five Spice!

Alex Wilson

October 2013: First team

First team manager Jason McAuley has announced that Alex Wilson (left) is his player of the month for October. Commenting on his decision, Jason said: "We've had several outstanding performances during October and there were at least 3 other players in contention for their efforts - but this month Alex Wilson stood out. His work rate, effort and general attitude has been immense. Both Alex and Sam have formed an outstanding partnership in midfield and his non-stop engine has enabled other players across the team to thrive in their respective positions. He's been knocking on the door of a monthly award all season so it really wasn't a difficult decision in the end. Well done mate, fully deserved."

Ryan Mullender

October 2013: Second team

Making a welcome and fabulous return from the wilderness to be second team player of the month is Ryan Mullender (right). Manager Matt Hall said: "As ever, Ryan has thrown himself into the social side of the club making new players feel welcome (if somewhat uneasy) and proving an extremely useful wing man for his manager in Newcastle. But more importantly (maybe) is training regularly again and has put together three extremely energetic performances showing the best of his game against Newcastle and Stockport and showing a willingness to play out of position against Audenshaw. Well done babes!"

Paul Golds

September 2013: First team

Team captain Sam Connell (left) presents September's First Team Player of the Month award to Paul Golds. He won because of his great attitude, improvements with each game, a hat-trick in the game against Saints and for being top scorer so far. Goldsie has elected to pass on a case of beer in favour of a large bottle of Mountain Dew and a big bar of Galaxy... and he's not sharing with anyone!

Steven Holmes

September 2013: Second team

Second team manager Matt Hall (left) gave September's award to Steven Holmes saying: "Across both matches we have played, no matter what the score is, Steven has maintained his levels of commitment and energy whilst making full use of advice from his manager and from others. He now links play in a way he hasn't previously done, he makes himself heard and seems determined to bring his Antwerp form to the regular league. I really hope he continues to play like this."

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