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Player of the month 2014-15

James Wilson & Karl Storey

August 2015: Stockholm players of the month

The winners of August’s player of the month were decided on the performances of players at the EuroGames in Stockholm.

There were many excellent displays throughout the squad but it was decided that Players' player was Karl Storey (right) and manager Steve Clayton made his Manager's player James Wilson.


These two players were the main centre backs for the tournament and the way they took charge at the back was impressive. They gave opposition strikers a hard time and their calmness, experience and quality shone throughout the tournament. Well done to both!

Craig Orrock

June 2015: Hamburg tour manager's player

Since moving up from London a couple of years ago, Craig has been a second team regular for VMFC and took the reigns of Hamburg as tour co-ordinator.


As well as superbly organising a seamless trip for everyone, on the pitch he dazzled manager Steve Clayton and the rest of the squad (coming a close second in the players' player vote) with a solid performance. 


We look forward to seeing what Craig will offer on the pitch in Stockholm in August.

Richard Cowell

June 2015: Hamburg tour players' player

Richard has played for many GFSN gay teams along with local regular teams and we were delighted to welcome into the VMFC fold for our trip to Hamburg. 


Richard proved to be a valuable addition to the team, with more energy than the Duracell bunny, both on the pitch and in the bars!


Richard was thrilled to be voted the man of the tournament, saying it was particularly pleasing to have earnt the respect of his fellow VMFC players on his first tour. 


Richard will be joining us again for our Stockholm tour in August. Just a pity he lives in Milton Keynes!

Paul Golds

April/May 2015: joint first and second team

With the season coming to a close, it was decided that we would amalgamate April and May's Player of the Month award into one. And the winner of this award is Paul Golds.


Speaking about the award, second team manager Rob McPherson said: "It was difficult to choose the recipient of this award as there were a few strong contenders. However, we have chosen Paul for a couple of reasons. His attitude, desire and willingness to help others throughout the season has been exceptional and he has produced consistently strong performances all year long - continuing into the period that this award covers.


"Paul is an experienced player and his leadership skills and renewed vigour have been of immense help to the team. He has been very close to winning this award many times this season so it is only right that his contribution is rewarded."

Daryl Fairbrother

March 2015: joint first and second team

With both teams having a reduced number of games in March, there was a joint player of the month.


Having played for our first team against Nexus (and scored a goal), our second team against Cringle (and scored a goal) and our GFSN Cup team against Saltire Thistle (and scored a goal), the VMFC player of the month is Daryl Fairbrother. 


Since joining the club last summer, Daryl has also been one of the best attendees at training, turning up to almost every Thursday night session. Well done Dazzle!


Peter Bolgar

February 2015: first team

The votes are in and the first team has chosen as its February player of the month Peter Bolgi Bolgar.  


Manager Sam said "Peter has been a great addition to the squad with his second win of this award so far this season. Peter is a great source of goals and really enjoying his football. He has superb technical ability and some great aggression on the ball (and opposition ankles!)


"We are really pleased to have Peter play for us. Keep up the great work!


"Well done."

Kieran Cookson

February 2015: second team

The second team player of the month for February is Kieran Cookson. 


On making the announcement manager Rob McPherson said: “Over the past few weeks and months Kieran has really stepped up and the difference he is making to the team can be seen. He has played in numerous positions for me and I always feel confident in a strong performance from him. 


"He is getting more opportunities to play higher up the pitch and we are being rewarded with him finding the back of the net more often. With so many players making their debuts for the team he is becoming one of the more established players and the impact he has made recently has been very pleasing. 


"Well done Kieran.”

Graeme Archer

January 2015: first team

Manager Sam Connell announced the first team's choice: "Conchita (Archer) has been a fantastic addition to the village squad post his winning appearance on the Eurovision Song Contest. 


"Graeme is such a versatile player (not like that - he's straight!!!) and has played in pretty much every position! Over the last month he has been fantastic and it was a unanimous decision by the team to vote him POM. Awesome work and keep it up."

Tom Reece

January 2015: second team

Second team manager Rob McPherson has announced that Tom Reece is his player of the month for January. Commenting on the accolade, Rob said: “It was a tough call to pick player of the month this month but Tom has stood out for the leadership he has provided the team this season. By taking the warm ups, being vocal during games and providing advice he has been a very useful addition to the team. We are in a tough league and have had numerous new players and his experience has been invaluable. Well done Tom.”

Gav Crosby

December 2014: first team

Player of the month for December as voted for by the club's first team is Gavin Crosby.

Team manager Sam Connell said "Gavin originally came in to help out with the absence of Jeremy who was due to be out for a while. Gavin has really shown his worth and done a good job with some superb saves to tell the grandkids about. Could there be some healthy competition for the first team goalkeeper this year? I look forward to seeing what happens. Well done Gav."

Steven Holmes

December 2014: second team

Second team manager Rob McPherson has named his captain Steven Holmes as Player of the Month for December. Commenting on his selection, Rob said: "It was a tough choice to pick my player of the month as a few players have put in strong performances over the month. However, Steven was the real stand out candidate – his effort and early goal in the GFSN Cup Quarter Final set us up perfectly to get to the Semi Final and his double hat-trick in our final game before Christmas was his just reward for all the running and desire he puts in week in, week out."

"As manager I look for all of my players to put in 100% effort and commitment and Steven really does lead from the front. He fully deserves this award and I look forward to him continuing to find the back of the net more and more often in 2015."

Jez Ure

November 2014: first team

Manager Sam Connell said: "This month's first team player of the month voted for by the team is the legendary (he's been here that long!) Jez Ure.

"Jez has been ever present and since being at the club from 2008 personally, I can't actually remember a game where he has played poorly; Jez is Mr Consistent.

"On the pitch you know what you are going to get from him. Solid, aggressive, vocal and comedic with his comments towards opposition.

"Jez is a superb player and when i grow up I want to be just like him!"


November's Player of the Month was sponsored by Eleska's Bar, 58 Dale Street, Manchester

Alex West

November 2014: second team

Second team manager Rob McPherson has awarded Alex West the accolade of player of the month for his team for November. Speaking about the award, Rob said: “Alex has been a breath of fresh air since he joined us a few months ago. His enthusiasm, dedication and whole-hearted work rate made him fly to the top of my list. He, along with last month’s winner Peter, have jumped right in and got fully involved with the club and it is a pleasure to manage such players. Alex has made a great impression on the club in just a few months and it will be exciting to see how he, and the club, progress throughout the season.”


November's Player of the Month was sponsored by Eleska's Bar, 58 Dale Street, Manchester

Peter Bolgar

October 2014: first team

Manager Sam said: "As usual the vote went out and the first team has voted Peter as our POM. Peter has been phenomenal for us with effortless work rate, good skills, little English and lots of stamping!..... Oh and don't forget those goals too.


"Peter shows his dedication week on week playing in training, games and if required playing for our second team too.


"He is a great athlete and I am looking forward to seeing how he settles further within the team and checking his goals tally at year end.


"Well done Peter."

Peter Kidd

October 2014: second team

Second team manager, Rob McPherson, chose his first player of the month of the season and the recipient of the inaugural award was Peter Kidd.


Speaking about his decision, Rob said: “Peter joined the club in the summer and he has fully thrown himself into the team. He has played in every game, played in numerous positions, put in strong performances and he always has a positive word to say. He is a great team player and more than deserves being named my player of the month.”


Stephen Lee Curtis

September 2014

As per the new way of voting, the first team have all had their say for the first three games of the season. In the games we have had mixed results with a win, draw and a loss but the lads have voted (and a close one too!) that Steve Curtis is voted September's Player of the Month.


Manager Sam said of Steve's performance "Steve is a very athletic player who has worked really hard in the first three games, with particular attention to the first game against arguably the best team in our league for the past couple of seasons. Steve marked their dangerous striker out of the game and also swept up any lose balls with great effect.


"His attitude is always great in games too with a positive and uplifting team ethos. Steve is a superb asset to the team and we hope his plane to Brazil in January has engine issues (before it takes off of course!)"

Jeremy Baker

August 2014

With plenty of friendlies and lots of training in August, there were lots of candidates for player of the month.


In a break with the norm, our two managers asked the players to vote. It was a three way split between Jeremy Baker, Andrew Johnson and new boy Luke Hadcroft. In the end, the first team manager used his casting vote to give the award to Jeremy, thanks to the excellence of his play, his commitment to attending (and sometimes taking) training, and general mad American positivity about everything!

Steve Joyce

July 2014

A major talking point over the last few months for VMFC has been the recruitment and retention of new players to bolster the amazing bunch of players we already have. The club not only needs people to play football, but also those on the sidelines and in the background supporting us. With no matches in July, first team manager Sam Connell decided to award a 'contribution of the month', and has given it to our Visual Communications Officer Steve Joyce.


Over the last 12 months Steve has been an outstanding supporter, but even more so in the pre-season we are currently going through. His level of commitment to the club is phenomenal and without him the busy training sessions we are currently enjoying wouldn't be the same! A massive thank you and well done to Joycey... keep sending those updates!

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