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Steven 'Holmesy' Holmes.


Real age:




Grindr age:


Don't have it. 


Home town:




When did you join VMFC:


I was a summer transfer in 2012. 


Former clubs, if any:


Nope, I didn't start playing until I was 16. 


Greatest Village moment:


Really difficult question because it’s hard to choose from the last 4 years. Club moment would have to be playing the final of the GFSN Cup at England's St Georges training ground. Personal moment would be finally reaching a level where I’m confident and happy with my game when scoring a hat-trick, moments before breaking my leg at the start of this season!!


What club do you support:


I’m not sure you can call me a good supporter, I never watch football and I don’t have a clue who anyone is. I support Liverpool though.


Favourite Village bar:


Via is the only bar I really like on Canal street but I’ve only been to a handful.


What do you do for a living:


I started my own business this year. Does anyone want to buy a carpet?! :D


[Check out]


Do you participate in any other sports:


No but I’ve wanted to take up long distance running for a very long time now. I’m much better at that than I am at football.


What else do you do to relax:


Love walking or going for a jog around the canals at Deansgate when I’m stressed, that always helps.


Current favourite song:


4 non blondes – Whats up?


Current favourite TV show:


I’ve been watching Idiot Abroad a lot lately but my favourite show right now has to be 8sense, everyone needs to watch it! It’s so good!


All time favourite film:




Relationship status:




Favourite footballer (for football reasons):


A tie between Steven Gerrard and Michael Owen.


Favourite footballer (not for football reasons):


Does charity football count because if so, Niall Horan from One Direction.


Preferred position (on the pitch!):


Striker. Some crazy old man played me as a full back for a couple games once though haha. I’ve also tried playing midfield and as a winger when needed but it’s never gone that well.


Describe your playing style:


I have a lot of energy so I’m always looking to run onto the ball. I always try to read the game and hide from defenders by always moving and trying to not to pose a threat until the right moment. I think it works for me because I’m left unmarked a lot. My downfall is that I’m not loud enough but I can’t exactly keep shouting ‘I’M UNMARKED’ the whole game can I?


Premiership player your style most matches:


I probably couldn’t even name 10 players in the premiership right now but I think my style matches Dirk Kuyt a lot. Defenders always tell me I’m really annoying anyway.


What made you want to try VMFC out for the first time:


I’ve played football since I was a kid but only at the park; always wanted to join a team but never felt comfortable when I tried.


Why should new players join VMFC: 


VMFC has changed my life - if it wasn’t for the team and the people in it I wouldn’t still be in Manchester. The team is like a family; there’s always someone there for you during the bad times and everyone is there to celebrate with you during the good times. Besides that, the organisation of the club is great, the quality of the football is a perfect balance and there is always encouragement from other players to help each other improve.


My favourite part of playing for VMFC is the football tours abroad that we have most years. The perfect chance to mix football, partying and holidays all together - what more could you want!

July 2016 featured player: Steven Holmes

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