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Manchester City invitation to VMFC

15 January 2006


Village Manchester FC receive praise by the English FA for their recent initiative in linking up with Manchester City FC as part of their One City community initiative...


by Jason McAuley


Following recent weeks of media discussion into the extent of homophobia that may exist within the game, VMFC have been praised by the English FA for the initiative shown in linking up with Barclay's Premier League club Manchester City FC as part of their One City community initiative.


This was a fantastic opportunity to see how the professionals prepared for a Premiership League game and for lifelong City fans, Paul Taylor and Simon Wheale, a great chance to meet their heroes in person.


Second team player-manager Chris Wouldhave who also attended was extremely impressed with the session and being a fanatical Geordie, kept a very close eye on Andy Cole's movements in the hope he might be able to re-create the former Magpie's poaching ability whilst playing centre forward for the second team in this season's GFSN League.


A big thank you goes to Doug Smith, MCFC Head of Ticketing and John Bridges (former VMFC Chairman & also lifelong city fan!) for arranging the day.


Alex Williams, Manchester City's Director of Community Affairs, has offered his encouragement to Village Manchester. "Manchester City F.C are proud to have an association with Village Manchester F.C as part of our all-encompassing One City social inclusion programme."


Lucy Faulkner, The FA's Ethics and Sports Equity Manager, says that she was delighted to hear about the club's visit to Manchester City. "This is a great example of what Premiership clubs can do to share best practice."


Chris, Paul and Simon meet City player & former England international Danny Mills at Carrington Training ground.

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