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LGF sponsorship deal

7 May 2006


A healthy partnership on the horizon as LGF team up with Village FC


by Jason McAuley


VMFC are delighted to announce the Manchester based Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF), have joined forces with the club in a partnership that will bring benefits to both organisations in 2006.


As part of the deal, LGF have become an official club sponsor, contributing towards the purchase of vital sports equipment for all players at the club.


VMFC will work closely with the LGF on a number of initiatives in 2006 which will work towards real, long-term improvements in the health and quality of life for lesbians, gay men and bisexual people throughout the northwest of England.


LGF Communications Manager, Andrew Gilliver said "The Lesbian & Gay Foundation is always looking for new ways to engage with the LGB community and it is important for us to have positive role models that are active in promoting a healthy gay lifestyle"


He added, "As one of the UK's top gay teams, VMFC provide us with a great example of how sport can have a positive impact on local communities and are delighted to support their efforts in encouraging participation in football amongst the gay community in the northwest of England. We are extremely proud to be an official sponsor & look forward to a fantastic year of working together, wishing them every success for the season."


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