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Get well soon Gav!

12 November 2007


The club would like to wish Gavin Crosby a speedy recovery from his injury which he sustained in the recent GFSN fixture.


by Jason McAuley


Our Gav, aka 'The Widnes Wizard' has left all and sundry at the club totally spell bound by his recent outstanding performances at the IGLFA World Cup where he was awarded 'VMFC's Player of the Tournament' by manager Stu Butters. All the more amazing is that Gavin, who made his debut for the club in February 2005, started life at the club as a goalkeeper but, unlike other VMFC goalkeepers who claim to be able to cut it on the pitch!...has more recently slotted into the full back position with ease and has earned himself a reputation as a very capable defender.


'The tackle' (which I doubt many who watched would choose to describe it as that) resulted in a straight red card to the Falcon's player, occurred in the last minute of the game & completely overshadowed (at least for the VMFC players anyway) what seemed to be a good competitive match between the two sides.


Not one to dwell on the past, Gavin (picture above as he is wheeled off the pitch) will now set his sights on being positive by putting those crutches to good use, he said "I will now give 100% focus on building up my arms and shoulders to a point that gives my fellow goalkeeper (and gym slave) Stu Risley a proper run for his money in the wrist & bicep department!" An added bonus for his heroic exploits is Gavin will also become part of the 'VMFC Injured in Action' Hall of Fame and joins legendary VMFC heroes like Dave 'the knee' Regan, Simon 'cruciate' Wheale and Robert 'the shoulder' Harrison for commitment to the cause over and above the call of duty.


Get well soon mate and we're all looking forward to seeing you down at matches over the next few weeks and getting you back into a VMFC shirt in double quick time!


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