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Fixtures Announced for Cologne

25 July 2010


VMFC are due to fly out to Cologne at the end of the week, fully intent on bringing international silverware back to Manchester. The groups and fixtures have now been announced.


by Pete Ransom




Village's first team have been drawn in Group C with FC Amsterdam, Cream Team Cologne I, San Franciso Spikes I and "Paris Barcelona".


The second team meet English opposition in Birmingham Blaze, together with HaloPony (Seattle), Boston Strikers, Argentina & LASC Eclipse of WEHO and Justin Fashanu All Stars Friends Prague.


The first team kick their campaign off on August 2nd against Amsterdam at 13:00 local time. They face Cologne the following day before rounding off the group stages with the remaining two fixtures on Wednesday 4th.


The second team start out with HaloPoney and Boston Strikers on the 2nd, Blaze and Prague on the 3rd, Hotshots on the 4th and Eclipse on the 5th.


We'll be keeping you updated throughout the tournament on our Facebook page. Search for Village Manchester FC and add us as a friend.


Even better, join our team as we have a pre-Cologne night out on Canal Street on Thursday night. We'll be making our way down the street throughout the evening and finishing off in Cruz (just for a change!)


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