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VMFC Featured in Halcyon Magazine

12 June 2012


Writers from mens magazine, Halcyon visited VMFC in February to try and understand more about the issue of homosexuality in football and have featured the club in a four page article.


The magazine spent time with Village Manchester at our weekly training session and in a Sunday league match that was also filmed by Sky Sports News.


Their article makes a very good read as it tackles the subject of homosexuality in sport from a straight man's perspective. What's particularly pleasing to see is that their attitude is exactly the same as ours: There should be no barriers to openly gay men participating in football.


Halcyon also write some kind words about VMFC towards the end of the piece: "The team is so adept and skillful on the pitch; it goes without saying there are no physical or skill inferiorities. These are able bodied, able minded men. In fact, if it wasn't for some of the, let's say alternative, shouts from the side lines, a neutral observer wouldn't know that they were watching an all-gay team at all...


"...Clubs like (VMFC) have given gay men the assurances they need, that the beautiful game is their game too. It's time to be bold and take that attitude into the mainstream."


You can view the full article via the link below.


> Halcyon Magazine Issue 2

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