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Manchester Hosts GFSN Tournament

28 May 2013


VMFC will be welcoming footballers from across the country this weekend as Manchester hosts the annual GFSN Summer Tournament.


Having been selected by the GFSN members to host the tournament, Village's committee have been very busy putting together plans for the weekend.


The tournament itself starts at 11am on Saturday at Wright Robinson College in Gorton. Departing from the usual 5-a-side format, this year's competition will be 7-a-side, with each team expected to participate in 4-5 group stage games before the knock-out phase begins.


Village were last year's winners at a fantastic tournament in Glasgow and we'll be looking to defend our title with two teams entering, as well as rumours of a VMFC old boys team!


As usual, we'll be making sure everyone feels very welcome in Manchester. The weekend kicks off upstairs in Thompsons on Friday evening where we'll be distributing wristbands for free entry to Cruz 101 and a variety of special offers.


We'll have updates throughout the weekend on VMFC's Facebook and Twitter pages.


If you have any questions about the event just e-mail


Tournament Rules:


  • Moulded studs and blades and astroturf boots can be worn. Metal studs or blades are not permitted.

  • All players must wear shinpads.

  • The tournament will start at 11am. Please arrive by 10:30am to change and get to the pitches, which are located to the rear of the building. Teams not ready to start their match at 11am may forfeit the game.


  • Each team may field 7 players from a maximum squad of 10.

  • Normal rules of 11-a-side football apply except that there is no offside law in operation, rolling substitutions are allowed on the direction of the referee when the ball is out of play, and players must retreat at least five yards from the ball at free kicks.

  • This means that balls over head height are permitted and corners, goal kicks and throw-ins can be taken as normal. All players can enter the area. The goalkeeper may leave their area but may not handle the ball outside of the area. Backpasses cannot be handled.


  • All games will last 10 minutes with no half time interval. This may be adjusted to ensure the tournament does not overrun past its finish time of 4pm.

  • Round one will be played in groups of approximately 6 teams.

  • The winner of each match is awarded 3 league points. One league point is awarded for a drawn match. 

  • The top two teams in each group will progress through to the quarter final knock-out stage.

  • Where two or more teams finish with the same number of league points then goal difference, followed by goals scored, followed by the result between the two teams shall determine who finishes in the higher position. If this still does not separate teams and a qualification place is affected the two teams will conduct a penalty shoot-out consisting of three penalties each before sudden death. Any members of the squad can take penalties.


  • Should a knock-out match be drawn at full time a penalty shoot-out consisting of three penalties each before sudden death will be held to determine the winner.

  • Only players who were on the field of play at the end of regular time may participate in knock-out stage penalty shoot-outs.

  • All penalties will be taken from the edge of the area with no restrictions on run-up.


  • A referee will be appointed and his decisions will be final on all aspects of play and the result.

  • Any player sent off in a match, for whatever reason, will be suspended from their team's next game. Violent conduct (e.g. deliberate elbow or punch) will result in suspension from the whole tournament.

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