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2015 AGM: new committee elected

28 May 2015


Article by Steve Joyce

Photograph by Colin Hayes


On Friday 22 May we held our 19th Annual General Meeting. 


With the club last year adopting a new constitution and financial year, the AGM was brought forward to May from its usual August home. The decision to have the AGM at the beginning rather than end of the summer was made so that the new committee would have the whole of the summer to plan for the new season. 


The meeting, in the oft used surroundings of Villagios, was well attended with around 20 members. They heard the Chairman’s report (a difficult year on the pitch, but lots of new members, lots more online presence – 1,000 Facebook followers for the first time – a strong financial standing and lots coming up over the summer) and the Treasurer (discussing in minute detail his carefully crafted end of year accounts, and congratulating the club on its dramatic increase in income during the nine month period of the accounts, partly due to ‘fanatical’ subs collection).


The club decided to split the role of Secretary into Club Secretary and Fixtures Secretary and to merge the roles of Recruitment Officer and Players’ Rep. And then it was on to the important business of the evening – the elections for the new committee. 


For the first time in living memory there was more than one candidate for the role of Chairman. Incumbent John Bridges was joined at hustings by current Stockholm Tour Co-ordinator and former Social Sec James Toland. After each gave a carefully timed two minute speech (which were both jolly good), it was down to the rarely used secret ballot. The recent general election and Ireland’s equal marriage referendum had nothing on us! James was elected and we have a new Chairman.


It was then on to the newly split secretary roles. With nobody standing for the position of Club Secretary, incumbent (and really wanting to retire!) James Pidcock was persuaded to stand and was duly elected. 


For the exciting new role of Fixtures Secretary… there was no excitement. The role remained vacant. 


It was then the turn of Treasurer, with incumbent Rob Davies, who has held the role since Adam was a lad, deciding to retire his abacus. Steve Joyce was the only person with a calculator to raise his hand and was elected. 


Incumbent Social Secretary Luke Hadcroft had decided not to stand for re-election and our current Hamburg Tour Co-ordinator Craig Orrock was elected to the post. Craig will continue in his Hamburg role until the tour finishes next month; James Toland will continue in his Stockholm role until that tour ends in August. 


Current Recruitment Officer Alex West was re-elected to the role of Recruitment Officer, now with the huge added responsibility of Players’ Rep (no, we can’t remember the last time the Players’ Rep was approached by any player either!)


Rob McPherson was re-elected to the post of Written Communications Officer and Steve Joyce to the post of Visual Communications Officer. Rob was also re-elected to the non-voting post of Deputy Treasurer Subs, and as he holds the appointed position of Second Team Manager, it gives him the honour of holding the most committee positions for the second year running. Greedy.


The other two non-committee committee positions are Pride Co-ordinator, to which John Bridges was elected, and Deputy Treasurer Fundraising, to which Johnathan Findlay was elected despite not really wanting to do it. 


Since the AGM was held, James Pidcock, in discussion with other club members, decided to man up and actually resign, and we are delighted to announce that the committee has appointed Father of the House John Bridges to the post. He has now been on the committee since 1863. In addition, Gavin Crosby put his name forward and was snapped up as Fixtures Secretary. 


The final vacant position of First Team Manager will be appointed to in the next couple of weeks, ready for the new season. And, while not committee positions, we are also in the process of appointing two coaches. Exciting times all round. 


The club would like to thank James Pidcock, Luke Hadcroft and particularly Rob Davies for their contribution to the club. 


The evening ended with those present doing what the club does best. Beer in Via and Thompson’s vodka!




Executive Committee 2015/16



James Toland


Club Secretary

John Bridges


Fixtures Secretary

Gavin Crosby


Treasurer & Visual Communications Officer

Steve Joyce


Second Team Manager & Written Communications Officer 

Rob McPherson


Recruitment Officer & Players’ Rep

Alex West


Social Secretary 

Craig Orrock



Reporting to the Committee


Manchester Pride Co-ordinator (ceases 31 August)

John Bridges


Hamburg Tour Co-ordinator (ceases 14 June)

Craig Orrock


Stockholm Tour Co-ordinator (ceases 10 August)

James Toland


Deputy Treasurer Subs

Rob McPherson


Deputy Treasurer Fundraising

Johnathan Findlay


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