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The third annual RugBall day

18 July 2015


Village Manchester and Manchester Spartans came together on Saturday 18 July to take part in the third annual RugBall event.


On a sunny afternoon in Sale a few football players gathered together to take on the gay rugby team in one game of touch rugby, one game of football and some drinking games. The rugby players outnumbered the football players so the rugby team were kind enough to let us borrow some of their players.


After a quick rundown of the rules the action kicked off with the touch rugby. Jeremy and Sal quickly got into the game and showed some impressive handling and change of feet. The final score seems to have got lost in the chaos – but the mixture of the football team and rugby team did give a very good performance. 


Next up was the football game and the teams were picked in the old school way with the two captains picking players alternately. The mixture of teams had players of various abilities but there was some really good play by a number of the rugby players – a fact epitomised in the fact that rugby players scored all of the four goals in a 3-1 victory for the Blacks over the Blues.


The drinking games concluded the competition and the rugby players were clear winners in the Boat Race. Later in the evening the two clubs met out in the Village to continue the drinking and festivities.


Village Manchester would like to thank Robbie Stone and the Spartans for organising the event and making us feel very welcome. We look forward to doing it all again next year!


The touch rugby match. If this slideshow doesn't show (eg on a mobile phone) click here:

The football match. If this slideshow doesn't show (eg on a mobile phone) click here:

Words: Rob McPherson

Photos: Steve Joyce

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