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VMFC and New York New York enjoy the Euros

4 July 2016


As well as following Village's football games this month, you may have noticed that the Euro 2016 tournament kicked off in France. In among our regular training, plus various matches and tournaments, the VMFC squad have been gathering in New York New York to follow the England games on their big screen.


We got off to a dull start watching England draw 0-0 against Slovakia, but with twenty backseat managers in the room and a well stocked bar it was a lively event nonetheless!


We followed up a few days later with England vs Iceland. For those of you who haven't seen the result, England won 55-0 and were crowned Intergalactic Champions of the Universe. For those of you who also watched the match, well, at least we enjoyed the opportunity to drown our sorrows.


We had hoped to follow England much further into the tournament, but many thanks to New York New York for their hospitality and for making their big screen available to us.

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