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VMFC ends its year in style

6 May 2017


After a hugely successful season for the first team, and a much busier season for the seconds, VMFC held its traditional End of Season Do and Annual General Meeting with a twist... by combining them. 


The formal elements of the evening - reports, elections, motions - were interspersed with the fun elements. There were videos featuring the club's 20th anniversary, the first team's season, the second team's season, club activities away from the pitch, a countdown of the top forty most liked images on the club's Instagram account and a promotional video from the Paris 2018 Gay Games organisers. 


Virtually no player got away with a ribbing as Jay put on the traditional 'Have I Got (Village) News For You' presentation. We won't repeat them here!


There were two special moments as VMFC unveiled a new annual award, the Clubman of the Year. This will be awarded to someone whose attitude during the year has personified the club's ethos and whose attitude has added positively to the club. 


The second special award was given to a member for 20 years of service to the club, an amazing personal commitment. 


The winners of this year's awards were:


  • Second Team Manager's Player: Colin Hayes

  • Second Team Players' Player: George Walpole

  • First Team Manager's Player: Damien Mooney

  • First Team Players' Player: James Wilson 

  • Linten Technologies Award for Most Improved Player: James Cole

  • Contributor of the Year: Steve Joyce

  • Clubman of the Year (for personifying the club's ethos): Jay McNaught

  • Special Award for Long Service (20 years): John Bridges 

  • Attendance at Training Award: Sam Hardstaff 

  • Goal of the Season: Shane Rider

  • Golden Boot Award: Damo Mooney

  • Rookie of the Year: Joe Matthews

  • Delicate Flower Award for the Most Easily Injured: Steven Holmes 

  • Bi Now Gay Later Award: Marc Gibson

  • Award for the Only American in History Not to Fight Back: Jeremy Baker


There was a thank you to coach Jack Bennett who has gone above and beyond this season, and a special thank you to outgoing second team manager Rob McPherson for his years of hard work. Sometimes very hard!


Well done to all the winners and also a huge thank you to everyone who took part in VMFC during 2016/17. 


We would like to thank Via for hosting a fantastic evening and New York New York for sponsoring our Player of the Month awards during the season. 


A final and biggest thank you to our ace sponsors, Linten Technologies. 


Words & photos: Steve Joyce

James Cole, Most Improved Player, flanked by coach Jack Bennett and Linten Technologies' Steven Allen

Second Team Players' Player George Walpole (left) with manager Alex West

First Team Manager's Player Damien Mooney (left) with manager Jay McNaught

First Team Players' Player James Wilson (left) with manager Jay McNaught

Winner of the first ever Clubman of the Year Award for the person who personifies the club's ethos, Jay McNaught (left) with coach Jack Bennett

Our Chairman John Bridges (left) receives a Special Award for Long Service having been a player and outstanding servant of the club for 20 years, from former first team manager Antony Lockley

Sam Hardstaff (left) receives the Best Attendance at Training Award for the second year running, from coach Jack Bennett

Jeremy Baker wins one of our more comedic awards, The Award for the Only American in History Not to Fight Back, after his wonderfully calm approach to being attacked on the pitch

The new committee for 2017/18 was elected as: 


  • Chair John Bridges

  • Treasurer & Visual Communications Steve Joyce

  • Secretary & Second Team Manager Alex Westy James

  • Social Secretary David Hayes 

  • Written Communications James Cole

  • Community Liaison (Pride, Football v Homophobia etc) Thom Stephanakis

  • Recruitment & Welfare Officer Steven Shaw

  • Paris Tour & First Team Manager Jay Correia

  • Deputy Treasurer (subs) Jeremy Baker

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