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VMFC's American Dream

9 May 2017


A number of our players are packing their bags, purchasing sun cream and buying their dollars as the club gets ready to head to Miami at the end of the month for the 2017 World OutGames. 


The squad, which also includes a number of players from Yorkshire Terriers, London Falcons and Soho FC, will be competing in the IGLFA Unity Cup. The tournament will be taking place at Kendall Soccer Park. 


Sixteen teams have signed up to take part and they will be split into groups for the usual round robin stage. This will be followed by winners and runners up forming two divisions for knockout stages. 


The teams registered are:


  • Burkina Initiative

  • Didisex México

  • Lobos Mexico

  • London Titans Two Brewers

  • London Titans XXL

  • London/Toronto Stonewall FC

  • Los Dogos Argentina

  • Philadelphia Falcons

  • San Diego Sparks

  • Seattle Stonewall F.C.

  • Seleccion Argentina Futbolistas Gay SAFG

  • SF Spikes

  • Shooting Stars FC

  • Stockholm Snipers

  • Storm United

  • Sydney Rangers FC  

  • Village Manchester Football Club

  • Zorros Mexico


The draw will take place in Miami on Sunday 28 May. 
In addition to the action on the pitch the players and the supporters will be taking part in the opening and closing ceremonies, attending the IGLFA's 25th Anniversary Silver Party and getting involved in a number of other team bonding activities during the break.


Miami preparations started at the beginning of May with a friendly between the VMFC Miami squad and a squad not going. We welcomed most of players joining us from other teams and the match was well matched with VMFC 'Others' winning 1-0 (a rare goal from Westy!)


Wish us luck!


Words: Rob McPherson

Photos: Steve Joyce

VMFC Others v VMFC Miami

6 May

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