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28 January 2014


As you will have seen, we have a brand spanking new website for 2014!


The old website was becoming a bit dated, difficult to update and quite restrictive. So with a new year upon us, we thought what better time to launch a new website – a website that is fresher, more adaptable and interactive and one that gives you much more information about the club.


With the club not far off reaching its 20th anniversary, you can have a look back at the earlier years by visiting the VMFC Vault or History pages and you can have a look at our current players and Committee by clicking on the appropriate links.


There are, of course, the usual pages like Fixtures and Results, League Tables, Player Statistics and Match Reports for you to peruse but we have added a number of new pages that you previously wouldn’t have seen.


We have pages on how you can raise funds for the club by shopping and searching online, dedicated pages with videos and photos of the club and there are a raft of pages on how you can support and/or play for the club.


With two teams in regular action both locally and nationally, the website gets updated frequently and sits perfectly alongside our newsletter and social media profiles.


If there is anything that is not currently on the website that you would like to see, why not drop us an email via the Contact section of our website, and we will see what we can do.

New website launched

VMFC's new website was made possible thanks to a grant from Manchester Pride. 

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