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Lancashire & Cheshire League Division B

First Team



Gay Football Supporters Network - Cup

Second team

Gay Football Supporters Network - League Division 1

Second team



Manchester County FA Sunday Amateur Cup

Second team


Over 80 teams took part in the competition. VMFC2 did not have to take part in the first round. 




Lanchashire & Cheshire Rhodes Cup

First team


The cup for all teams in the Lancashire & Cheshire League. 




Lancashire & Cheshire League Whitehead Cup

First team


The cup for teams in Divisions A and B of the Lancashire & Cheshire League. 




Northern Cup

Second team


GFSN teams from Scotland and Northern England

Manchester County FA Saturday Amateur Cup

First team


68 teams took part. VMFC did not have to play in the first round. 

M62 Unite League

Second team


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