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February 2016 featured player: Paul Hammond



Paul Hammond


Real age:




Grindr age:


I'm not on Grindr, I have standards!  [erm... editor]


Home town:




When did you join VMFC:


July 2015.


Former clubs, if any:


Played for clubs back in Belfast and also for my school.


Greatest Village moment:


Scoring my first goal for the club, always a good feeling.


What club do you support:




Favourite Village bar:




What do you do for a living:


Student at MMU.


Do you participate in any other sports:


Not at the moment, but have played Gaelic football and rugby in the past.


What else do you do to relax:


Reading, exercising and travelling tends to relax me.


Current favourite song:


I'll have to say, Justin Bieber's album for this one, #notsorry


Current favourite TV show:




All time favourite film:


The original trilogy of Star Wars and the newest release. We don't need to mention the second trilogy, ain't nobody got time for that. 


Relationship status:


In a long term relationship with Rosé.


Favourite footballer (for football reasons):


Steven Gerrard.


Favourite footballer (not for football reasons):


Xherdan Shaqiri because he's cute AF.


Preferred position (on the pitch!):


Central midfield or behind the striker.


Describe your playing style:


Playmaker, long shot taker.


Premiership player your style most matches:


Gonna go with Aaron Ramsey as I play a similar position and he's someone I enjoy to watch.


What made you want to try VMFC out for the first time:


It's something I've wanted to do for the past couple years now (joining a gay football team) and when I moved to Manchester I got in touch with the club, went to my first training session and haven't looked back since then.


Why should new players join VMFC: 


For anyone really, it's a great way to make new friends and to play football of course. When I first joined the club I seemed to fit right in, the guys on the team made me feel welcome and it was a great feeling being part of something that was totally different from what I was used to when playing for previous teams. I have made some great friends from the club since joining. We also travel up and down the country now and again to play against other gay teams and take part in tournaments abroad most summers which is great.

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