Rob McPherson


Real age:


29 (I turn 30 later this month!)


Grindr age:


29 (if I had Grindr). What is the point in lying about your age!


Home town:


Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Home of James Nesbitt and a raft of sports stars.


When did you join VMFC:


That long ago it is hard to remember! It was in 2006.


Former clubs, if any:


None. A 'one club man' me!


Greatest Village moment:


It is a tough choice between two. Winning the GFSN Cup as captain in 2007 is the greatest moment but winning EuroGames in Budapest in a 9,000 seater stadium was pretty special too!


[Note from the editor - there weren't 9,000 people there!]


What club do you support:




Favourite Village bar:


As long as it serves adequate beer then I am happy! If pushed I would say Via.


What do you do for a living:


Admin/Communications for a recruitment company.


Do you participate in any other sports:


Nope. Played rugby when I was younger (everyone does in Northern Ireland) but I am too precious for that now!


What else do you do to relax:


I love reading and always have a book on the go. I also play FIFA and Football Manger. And having a beer and catch up with mates always relaxes me too.


Current favourite song:


Depends on what mood I am in. Current stuff is good but one song that always puts a smile on my face and that I listen to a decent amount, even though it isn’t current, is Euphoria by Loreen.


Current favourite TV show:


Modern Family.


All time favourite film:


Not really a film person but Titanic is always a good watch.


Relationship status:


Touchy subject that currently…


Favourite footballer (for football reasons):


Jamie Carragher


Favourite footballer (not for football reasons):


Jack Butland


Preferred position (on the pitch!):


Central Defence


Describe your playing style:


Strong, competitive, always give 100%


Premiership player your style most matches:


Jamie Carragher – not the most talented but does a very good job!


What made you want to try VMFC out for the first time:


I had recently come out and wanted to get some more gay mates. Plus I had never played for a team before and wanted to play competitive football.


Why should new players join VMFC: 


Joining VMFC is one of the best things I have done since moving to Manchester nearly 12 years ago. I have made some brilliant mates, been on football trips away that have taken me to places I may not have otherwise seen, played in stadiums I could only have dreamed of and I have had the chance to play competitive football for a team that is actually quite good. Why would anyone not want to join that?!

June 2015 featured player: Rob McPherson

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